This course covers all aspects of using the Great Leaps Digital Reading Program
to being students to fluent, independent readying with comprehension.

You Will Learn:

  • Student Selection

  • How to Set Up Your Account

  • How to Work the Exercises

  • How to Understand and Interpret the Data

  • Covers both In-Person and Remote Work

Who is this Course For

Whether you are tired of interventions that take too long or looking for a new career path, this course will equip you to reach students for literacy using the Great Leaps Digital program. This 150-minute course covers everything from student selection and program implementation to understanding the data and using the program remotely. Instructors will leave ready to use the program either in the classroom or from their home with students with various reading challenges including dyslexia.

Course Content

Course Content

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About the Course Author, 

Lisa Skisland

An international trainer of the Great Leaps program, Ms. Skisland literally wrote the book on training the Great Leaps interventions. As part of the design team for the program for the past 6 years, her materials and expertise have trained 1000s both in the United States and abroad. Her materials and training were used extensively during the Covid crisis and that shift towards the flexibility that remote learning offers has encouraged her to digitize her training experience to have the biggest impact she can towards her mission to help every child read to their potential.

Lisa Skisland was the first person to use the Great Leaps Digital program and pioneered the use of the program for remote learning. She is the CEO of Leaping with Lisa, LLC, a nation-wide tutoring business. Along with her staff of trained tutors, Lisa uses Precision Teaching methodologies to teach students with a wide range of learning challenges, including dyslexia.

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